Movie of Day: Everything that could have been (2020) by Trond Kvig Andreassen

In 2014, musician Magnus Eliassen moved to Lofoten Islands to write new music. After years of success with the party pop-group Sirkus Eliassen he needed to reset. Escape expectations and reality. In the tranquility of mountains and the sea he finds back to his old rhythm and love of music. After months in Lofoten, he travels to Los Angeles to record and produce the album with star producers. Low-key, acoustic guitar plucking starts to sound like bonafide hit songs. But after Los Angeles, Magnus just went silent again. No new music was released. What happened? Why did he go silent again? Now, 5 years after the months in Lofoten, the music of the solitude and incredible landscapes of Lofoten and LA emerges, as Magnus prepares to hold his first concert in years. A coming of age-film about expectations, escape and self-realization. Link to watch: available during Rome International Film Festival 27 November- 4th December:

Movie of Day: Brainstorm/Listening (2020) by Khalil Sullins

‘A World Where Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own’ (New York Times). A team of genius-but-broke grad students invent mind-reading technology that destroys their lives and threatens the future of free will itself. 2 wins & 4 nominations indie film festivals. Link Review: Link to watch:

Movie of Day: Adam (2019) by Maryam Touzani

The beautiful story of two women who transform each other’s lives. Abla runs a modest local bakery from her home in Casablanca where she lives alone with her 8-year-old daughter, Warda. When Samia, a young pregnant woman knocks on their door, Abla is far from imagining that her life will change forever. 10 wins & 12 nominations major film festivals. Link Review: Link to watch:

Movie of Day: Rock’n’Roll Eddie (2019) by Tomasz Szafranski

Two kids bring in a rock-and-roll fugitive from another world pursued by merciless bounty hunters, and in order to save his life they have to find a way to send him back to where he came from. 7 wins & 3 nominations fantasy film festivals. Link to watch:,, Netflix (Poland):

Movie of Day: Falling (2020) by Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen’s directorial debut, which he also wrote and stars in. A conservative father moves from his rural farm to live with his gay son’s family in Los Angeles. John Peterson lives with his partner Eric and their adopted daughter in Southern California. When he is visited by his aging father Willis from Los Angeles who is searching for a place to retire, their two very different worlds collide. Winner San Sebastián International Film Festival 2020, 2 nominations major film festivals. Link Review: Link to watch: available online during Amplify! Film Festival 6-22 November:

Movie of Day: II (2020) by Vlada Senkova

Three 16-year-old Belarussian students are trying to find their place in life: Nastya and Sasha want to study in Poland, while Kristina is mostly interested in love affairs. But one day their lives and dreams are shaken up by some shocking news and they have to face the unpleasant reality. Link Review: Link to watch: available online until 25th of October at CinEast 2020 Festival:

Movie of Day: Body and Bones (2020) by Melanie Oates

Withdrawn from her life, the one thing that comforts Tess is listening to the music of Danny Sharpe. When she wakes one day to find him in her kitchen, it ignites a spark of life in her that grows out of control. Link Review: Link to watch:,,

Movie of Day: Rose A Love Story (2020) by Jennifer Sheridan

Gripped by a violent, terrifying illness, Rose lives in seclusion with her husband, but the arrival of a stranger shatters the fragile refuge they have built. In this inspired twist on the vampire myth, debut UK director Jennifer Sheridan has crafted a darkly claustrophobic horror experience, which relies on heady atmosphere rather than immediate scares. But underneath all the dread and foreboding lies a subtly devastating portrayal of commitment and the lengths we will go to protect the ones we love. Link review: Link to watch (available during BFI Festival, 2020- 13 to 16th of October):