Movie of Day: Tornare (2019) by Cristina Comencini

Naples, 1990s, Alice McNellis, a forthy-years old journalist, returns home from America for her father’s funeral. After the ceremony, Alice and her sister take the decision of selling their now empty childhood house, and while clearing all the objects accumulated over a lifetime, they discover their house isn’t as empty as they thought. A rather unusual encounter with a beautiful and mysterious woman living in the house that once belonged to Alice’s family and an equally unexpected meeting with Marc Bennet, a fascinating, intriguing and yet obscure character, will open a new world to Alice, that will shed light on her past, her identity and her existence. 8 Nominations international film festivals. Link Review: Link to watch: available on till 8th December: and streaming (Italy):

Movie of Day: Taking the Fall (2020) by Josh Marble

Tyler returns from a six year prison sentence for a surprise reunion with his former college friends to discover that they’ve all veered off course under the pressure of millennial culture. Weighed down by the combination of college debt, hefty living costs, and the dawn of social media, this generation is overworked, underpaid, and quite simply: stuck. Link to watch: available December 4th under Chain Film Festival 2020:

Movie of Day: Love, Spells and All That (Aşk, Büyü, vs.) by Ümit Ünal

Reunited 20 years after the end of their ill-fated love affair, two women embark on a day-long journey around the charming island of Büyükada to make sense of the years and distance that have grown between them, and the possibility that an old love spell might have something to do with their connection. 6 wins & 1 nomination international film festivals. Link Review: Link to watch: (available during Vancouver Turkish Film Festival, 16-21 December):

Movie of Day: La Belle Indifférence /Küçük Şeyler (2019) by Kıvanç Sezer

Onur is sacked from his job as manager of a pharmaceutical company and is not worried. But his wife Bahar is. Onur doesn’t listen to her and becomes indifferent to her and the world around him. He’d rather be surrounded by more zebras. 15 wins & 13 nominations international film festivals. Link Review: .Link to watch: (available during Vancouver Turkish Film Festival, 16-21 December):

Movie of Day: Cordelia (2020) by Adrian Shergold

A dark and unsettling psychologlical thriller, Cordelia stars Antonia Campbell Hughes as a young woman living in London with her identical twin who, left alone for the weekend, begins to unravel as her upstairs neighbour Frank (Johnny Flynn) inveigles himself into her life. Link Review: Link to watch:

Movie of Day: Princess of the Row (2019) by Van Maximilian Carlson

The inspiring tale of a runaway foster child who will stop at nothing to live with the only family she knows: her homeless, mentally-ill veteran father who lives on the streets of LA’s skid row. 17 wins & 5 nominations international film festivals. Link Review: Link to watch:

Movie of Day: Everything that could have been (2020) by Trond Kvig Andreassen

In 2014, musician Magnus Eliassen moved to Lofoten Islands to write new music. After years of success with the party pop-group Sirkus Eliassen he needed to reset. Escape expectations and reality. In the tranquility of mountains and the sea he finds back to his old rhythm and love of music. After months in Lofoten, he travels to Los Angeles to record and produce the album with star producers. Low-key, acoustic guitar plucking starts to sound like bonafide hit songs. But after Los Angeles, Magnus just went silent again. No new music was released. What happened? Why did he go silent again? Now, 5 years after the months in Lofoten, the music of the solitude and incredible landscapes of Lofoten and LA emerges, as Magnus prepares to hold his first concert in years. A coming of age-film about expectations, escape and self-realization. Link to watch: available during Rome International Film Festival 27 November- 4th December: