Music of Day: The Next Great American Novelist – It’s Been You 

The Next Great American Novelist is an indie rock band from NYC. Songwriter and band leader Sean Cahill began writing songs at age 12 listening to Pedro The Lion, NOFX and Ben Folds Five on his walkman in the rainy town of Bainbridge Island, Washington. At age 13, he began playing in venues in the Pacific Northwest as a punk-rock drummer. At the age of 16, Sean developed a love for writing songs on acoustic guitar in the vein of Elliott Smith. After moving to New York City, Sean paired with Jason Cumming’s (producer of the Cutting Room Studios) to release his first LP, “I’ll See You In The Art You Love,” in 2014. Sean and Jason formed a band and began to play across New York City, as they developed and composed rock songs focused on tightly-woven three part harmonies. The band was asked to headline a concert at The Rose Bowl in Los Angeles for a JDRF event in 2015. Sean and Jason’s partnership opened the door for a new, psych-inspired sound, that eschews the dirt and grime of the city for vocal harmonies and a dose of sun-kissed pop. As suggested in the band’s regal name, the lyrics purvey an impressive literariness and focus on story telling. The band will release their sophomore LP, “Careless Moon,” October 2nd 2020.

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